NoPass™ desktop app overview

The NoPass™ desktop application is a service that you can install on your computer. Your desktop application shall have the same functions as the mobile app. You can perform the following actions with your NoPass™ desktop app:

-  Create, sign in to and sign out from your NoPass™ profile both with your email address and social media login. For more details, see Manage Profile in your Windows desktop app

Set up additional authentication factor using a PIN code, biometric, or hardware authentication device.

Synchronize your accounts created on mobile devices with the ones created in the browser and displayed in your desktop app.

Manage your account data in your NoPass™ desktop app

Delete account

- Monitor the actions with your accounts. For more details, see History of your actions.

The NoPass™ desktop applications are available for Windows and macOS computers.


To use the NoPass™ desktop application on your PC, the following preconditions are to be fulfilled:

- For a Windows PC, Windows 10.0 or a later version is required.

- For a Mac computer,  macOS 10.15 or a later version is required.


downloading and installing

To download and install your NoPass™ desktop application, go to Download and install your NoPass™ app.

For more information on your NoPass™ macOS desktop application, go to Install the NoPass™ macOS desktop app.

For more information on your NoPass™ Windows desktop application, go to Install the NoPass Windows desktop application.


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